Core Protocols

Core Protocols are a highly efficient set of easy-to-use communication tools for teams.

Make decisions in seconds. Get and provide honest, concrete feedback. Start meetings with focus and clarity. And more!

Core Protocols will improve your teams’ performance if…

  • making decisions takes forever;
  • meetings constantly run over;
  • people find it hard to ask for or share feedback;
  • people switch teams often and need to learn to work together quickly.

The training and implementation

Our initial Core Protocols training takes roughly 2 hours. It includes an interactive demonstration of the power of protocols and a set of practical communication exercises. After completing the training your team will be able to use Core Protocols right away.

Measureable effects

While each team is different, after our training you should see:

  • a decrease in cycle time and lead time;
  • less work in progress;
  • an increase in the % of completed sprints.

Trying to solve a different issue? Contact us to check if Core Protocols are the right solution for your team.


Core Protocols were designed and developed by Jim and Michele McCarthy, based on their experiences at Microsoft. These apps for your mind save time, eliminate ambiguity, and promote efficient collaboration.

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