A beginning

A beginning is a very delicate time.

— Frank Herbert, Dune

After months of prep, securing financing, and more late night tea-fuelled sessions than I can count, it’s time to go public with this new venture: Phareios Consulting.

For years I’ve straddled the divide between the ‘human’ and the ‘technical’. Process and freedom. Soft skills and hard. Thinking and Feeling in MBTI terms (if you believe in that test).

I’ve found that the ability to connect and balance these two aspects is key to any organization’s success. And through my passion for effective communication, finding actionable solutions and growing people – I can help your business.

From strategic offsite facilitation, to dedicated training programs and process management, to one-to-one management coaching – I can help you and your teams face the next challenge.

Pharos, the ancient lighthouse off the shore of Alexandria, helped ships reach their destination.

Phareios can help your business reach your goals.

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